Herbalist laboratory

Extraction of active ingredients and production of natural products

the laboratory

The Cervetti family has been engaged in the extraction, processing and production of herbal products for over 30 years.

Within its herbal laboratories in Bastia, in the Ravenna, countryside, plant extracts are made with the utmost care and scrupulous observance of maceration procedures, accompanied by a thorough search for the highest quality raw materials.

Herbs, collected in the most aromatic period and certified to meet the most stringent parameters of the Italian and European Pharmacopoeia Legislation, are analysed at the source, lot by lot, to ensure maximum salubrity and concentration of active ingredients.

The procedural studies and operational directives in extraction, as well as being the result of generations of experience and a true love for nature, respect the guidelines of the official pharmacopoeia and relative Codex for traditional galenical preparations of the masterful derivations.

Extraction, personally overseen by Alessandro Cervetti, takes place in sealed containers and lasts from 4 to 10 weeks depending on the characteristics of each herb. The containers are agitated each day and in the early morning, over a long period of time to optimise the extraction.

This produces vegetative etracts that are extremely concentrated and effective, produced according to the extraction method described in the Official Pharmacopoeia VII and Official Pharmacopoeia IX.

Our plant extracts are never subjected to thermal shock, which is harmful to the vitality of the phytotherapic active ingredients and their integrity, whilst their effectiveness is protected and safeguarded with the utmost care.

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