Coima, elixirs and natural infusions

Ancient distillery and herbalist laboratory

Coima herbalist

Coima is a herbalist laboratory and a historic distillery based in Bastia, in the Ravenna countryside.

We create innovative and unique natural products, uniting traditional recipes with new research in the field of health and well-being, whilst respecting nature and the most modern standards set by food safety.


Coima satisfies their objective of developing both products under their own brand and those of third parties, with packaging produced by a modern and creative graphics design department.


The production process of each new product is divided into four general stages:

  1. analysis of the data and basic requirements, of current legislation and planning;
  2. research and development;
  3. creation of samples;
  4. production.

Analysis of data, current legislation, basic requirements and planning

Market analysis is effectuated in terms of product existence, competition and opportunity.

An evaluation is then undertaken of the production brand and creation of the image.

Research and development

Research on the recipe is undertaken through writings and books or on specific client requirements to undertake and fulfil in accordance with current legislation. Successively comes a determination of the basic ingredients before proceeding to a verification according the HACCP standards concerning any particularities in the production analysis.

Then undertaken is an elaboration of the provisional recipealong with the determinate materials necessary for packing and packaging. We then proceed with the preliminary verification process to confirm availability from suppliers.

Sample creation

The first step of this phase is locating the ingredients, which is follows the CREATION of the final sample. The product characteristics are determined (ingredients, organoleptic and structural characteristics) andthe provisional recipe of the sample is created.

Initial production

This phase includes:

  • Study and realisation of the image and label
  • Establishment of the HACCP process for the product and analysis of any eventual critical points
  • Calculation of production costs and sale price
  • Verification of the materials necessary for the packing and packaging
  • Final issuance of the product recipe
  • Determination, preparation and submission to the Health Department requesting approval of the new alimentary supplement


The productive process outlined during the research and development phase, carried out and codified in the production recipe, is replicated for each production and accompanied by careful overseeing of ingredient traceability and the packaging in accordance with the HACCP regulations, EC regulation 852/2004 and regulation 178/02.

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