Farmacia Santa Maria della Scala

The ancient herbalist wisdom of the monks serving daily well-being.

discalced carmelite monks
discalced carmelite monks

Since 1997, the Order of Carmelites has granted our company the opportunity to produce and distribute the products of their tradition, reserving a small percentage of sales to utilise for charitable purposes, at their discretion, and to help sustain the Community itself.

Through the involvement of the Fathers, a formidable, wonderful recipe has been received which dates back to 1800 and outlines in detail the recipes of hundreds of elixirs, liqueurs and herbal medicines of the Carmelite Farmacia della Scala, a benchmark for the people of Rome for centuries.

Be it for those in need or for the oldest Roman nobility, the Farmacia della Scala was an indispensable source of comfort, of wise counsel and electuaries with certain beneficial qualities. Being able to take advantage of such a great source of knowledge has allowed us to develop 13 highly valuable products. it has also allowed us to continue utilising the original names of these true elixirs of well-being.

traditional products

Amaro Robur

Amaro Robur, a cornerstone in the herbal liqueur tradition of the Discalced Carmelite Monks, is the result of painstaking infusions of healthy bark, wood and herbs.
The bark of China, the Quassia and Chinese Rhubarb are credited with specific healthful and invigorating properties. The Monks recommend Amaro Robur as a necessary aid and pleasant conclusion of a meal.

Elisir del Carmelita

The Elisir del Carmelita is a precious complex of herbs and spices. Turmeric is the main component of the Elixir, being the root of well-being. Originally from India, it was collected over the centuries by monks and missionaries and preserved with infinite care. Already much appreciated and sought after at that time, this root is still used today as a positive protection of the body. Useful in cases of a profligate and unbalanced diet.

Flora Silvestre

It is written that the Religious Community conceded permission to herbalist monks to exit early in the morning, enter into the woods or hills surrounding the monastery and seek out rare and precious balsamic herbs, giving birth to the Flora Silvestre. Thus we appreciate the refreshing virtues of the lemon leaves, sage and juniper berries that blend beautifully with the fresh scent of peppermint.

La Genziana

Gentian Grappa of the Discalced Carmelite Friars.

Acqua di Melissa

The leaves of lemon balm have a positive effect on the physiological digestive function, helping the normal conditions of relaxation and mental well-being.

Acqua della Scala

Lavender, also called the plant of inner peace, provides natural relaxation in periods of stress and improves the normal mood tone.

Buona Notte dell'Eremita

A food supplement with a physiological action useful in states of stress, promoting relaxation and favouring mental well-being and sleep.

Gocce del Carmelita

The aniseed seeds are useful for difficult digestion, acting favourably on the physiological function of the digestive system that contributes to the control of intestinal gas development.

Vegetal purifier

Useful for promoting the physiological diuretic function and purifying the organism.

Perle della Saggezza

Food supplement with a physiological action beneficial to maintaining natural equilibrium in stressful conditions, intense work, and to promote the integrity of memory function.

Tronchetti del bell'aspetto

PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECT: the active ingredients contained in BROWN ALGAE, OLIVE and BEAN are useful in promoting the physiological balance of body weight and stimulate the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids. The BIRCH, ASH, SAMBUCUS, BARDANA, SCUTCH GRASS, PINEAPPLE, MAIZE, PUZZLEGRASS, GOLDENRODS and PILOSELLA aid the drainage of body fluids. The physiological effect of the product is completed by the purifying properties of the ARTICHOKE and the tonic function of SIBERIAN GINSENG.

Sciroppo Balsamico

The balsamic syrup of the Carmelite Friers carries out activities designed to promote and maintain the physiological functions of the upper airways and, more generally, the organs concerned with breathing thanks to the balsamic action of EUCALYPTUS, PINE, GRINDELIA, EVERLASTING FLOWERS and MOUNTAIN PINE. The presence of other important active ingredients contained in THYME, SUNDEWS, HEDGE MUSTARD and MYRRH complement the action of the syrup on the respiratory system .

Tonico del Missionario

Helpful in the physiological toning of the body in cases of physical and mental fatigue.

Grani della salute

Promotes the normal course of physiological functions of the intestine.

Carbone Composto

Supports digestive function by promoting the elimination of intestinal gas.

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